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Systems Administrator IV (Storage)

Position Details

LOCATION: Annapolis Junction, MD | Monday thru Friday



SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR IV shall have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, and have ten (10) years of demonstrable experience in system administration and support of a large client-server based IT enterprise. Or the individual shall have five (5) years of full time computer science work that can be substituted for the Bachelor’s Degree, and have ten (10) years of demonstrable experience in system administration and support of a large client-server based IT enterprise. An industry recognized professional certification may substitute as one year experience.

  • Experience shall include installation, configuration, and networking of UNIX and/or NT based platforms. This experience shall include: creating, modifying and deleting user accounts, performing system back-ups, and maintaining system configuration files.

  • Individual shall have a fundamental understanding of operating systems ad be familiar with either UNIX or NT commands or utilities at the user level.

  • Experience shall include the installation and configuration of hardware, operating systems, and commercial software packages.

  • Individual shall be able to develop and implement enterprise backup/recovery strategies, server configuration and consolidation, and verification of the health and status of the entire IT infrastructure.

  • Individual shall be able to provide support for enterprise services such as DNS, NFS, e-mail services, security protection mechanisms, and the interoperability of UNIX and NT based systems.


(U) In addition to the above qualifications, SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR IV FOR STORAGE must have the following qualifications required by the relevant TTO: Installation, configuration, tuning, troubleshooting, and administration of:

SGI IRIX based Operating System

SGI systems with direct attached and FC SAN attached storage

Network Appliance clustered servers with direct attached and FC SAN storage

Network Appliance and SGI IRIX supported applications

Multivendor clustered filesystems such as GPFS, Lustre

Brocade FC switch network

Enterprise class arrays

Solid State Disk (SSD)

NFS/CIFS based server/storage appliance


Data Domain and similar deduplication products

Cloud based storage solutions such as HADOOP, and IBM BigInsights

Trouble ticket management utilizing Remedy


*IAT Level II Certification Required*



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