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Systems Administrator IV (Server)

Position Details

LOCATION: Annapolis Junction, MD | Monday thru Friday



Linux System Administrator IV (Server)

Responsible for overseeing the most critical aspects of the HPC and Datacenter Infrastructure. Lead strategic planning, architecture design, and the deployment of enterprise-scale projects. Solve the organization’s most complex technical issues, contribute to IT strategy, and drive innovations to ensure the robustness, security, and efficiency of the infrastructure. In this senior role, professionals are expected to manage essential infrastructure services, ensuring high availability and performance of data center services, physical and virtual server-class systems and storage.

Expected to lead medium-to-large scale projects, design and implement system policies, conduct advance troubleshooting, and are pivotal in the direct recovery efforts during critical system failures. Also, mentor junior staff members. Professionals in this role are expected to have the ability to work alone and as part of larger team to complete projects on time.


  • Mastery of the VMware ecosystem, and have extensive experience in Hyper-converged Infrastructure environments across multiple security enclaves and data centers. Knowledge of Performance Optimized Datacenter (PODs), CentOS and RHEL 7/8/9 system administration, and VDI (specifically VMware Horizon, Citrix VDI). In-depth experience with Active Directory, LDAP and Centrify for identity management, Infoblox for core network services, and proficiency in using Nagios and Splunk for comprehensive system monitoring and analytics. Advanced skills in automation shell scripting, automation, streamlining, and system configuration using tools like Salt and Ansible.

  • Experience with Linux provisioning server tools such as Kickstart and Cobbler to facilitate the automation of network-based system installations of multiple computer operating systems.

  • Strategize and supervise extensive security protocols, utilizing Tenable Nessus for comprehensive vulnerability assessments and proactive security enhancements on Linux and Windows platforms.

  • Govern account and access management landscapes using Centrify an Active Directory, ensuring stringent security compliance and efficient user privilege orchestration.

  • Innovate security mitigation methodologies, fortifying enterprise infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.

  • Enterprise-level management of Hyper-converged Infrastructure, vendor hardware and software across multiple data centers.

  • Experience using Atlassian’s team collaboration software suite like Jira and Confluence to help organize teams, discuss and complete shared work.

  • Lead cross-functional collaborations with network, storage, and SecOps teams, orchestrating major initiatives, critical outage management, and strategic improvements.

Years of Experience:

  • 10+ years of experience in a system administration or similar role

  • Degree Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

  • Degree can be substituted with additional 3 years of relevant experience.

Certification Requirements:

  • CompTIA Security+ CE (required)

  • VMware Certified Professional, Red Hat Certified System Administrator or Red Hat Certified Engineer a plus.




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