Business Plan

Our Mission

Carson Solutions is dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications of information technology. We strive to pursue technical growth and market diversification to increase value for our customers and opportunities for our employees. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, responsiveness, and professional excellence.


What We Offer

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Cybersecurity is of paramount importance to all of our government customers. Carson Solutions leads customers through the development and execution of critical IT security best practices such as information assurance, implementing IT security processes and tools, and managing Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Our cyber experts build comprehensive strategies and solutions to address new attack vectors associated with large-scale adoption of hybrid IT, including cloud and mobility, as well as the emerging governmental challenge of insider threat.

Advanced Cyber Threat Solutions

We focus on the application of emerging cyber technologies for advanced threat detection and remediation of security threats.

Information Assurance

From determining the appropriate controls and design to implementing your security controls, we can help customers achieve the appropriate certifications.

Managed Security Operations

We can design the processes, tools and provision of resources for a Cyber Security Operations Center—either on premise or through our leveraged resources offerings.