Modern Digital Watch

System Engineer

Fort Meade, MD

CS is seeking a Senior System Engineer IV. Successful candidate will have demonstrated experience with Rest API, JMS Messaging Services, Office 365, visualization concepts, understands architecture and has an understanding of JavaScript, XML, and familiarity with AWS.
•Develops and maintains code and associated test scripts to meet defined requirements.
•Supports the planning of systems and development deployments as well as responsible for meeting software compliance standards.
•Evaluates the interface between hardware and software, operational requirements and the characteristics of an overall system.
•Establishes and documents system parameters and formats, ensuring the hardware and software systems compatibility and coordinating and/or modifying systems parameters in terms of existing and projected computer capacity and capabilities.
•Revises existing systems, testing functionality of the system to correct deficiencies and maintain more effective data handling, data integrity, conversion, input requirements, and storage.
•Provide the documentation, testing and maintenance of system updates, modifications and configurations.
•Perform as a liaison with other business functions.
DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS (or equivalent experience), 15+ years of experience