Motherboard Installation

DSOC - IT Facing Front Desk

Fort Meade, MD | Texas

IT Facing Service Desk (IFSD) (which includes functions formerly identified with the Global Event Management Desk or GEM) provides 24/7 mission and infrastructure monitoring, notification, administrative support, logging, ticketing and reporting for supported systems. Specifically, ISP provided and GW GES tools, databases, displays, logs, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents and Knowledge Base (KB) articles are used to identify and validate event data, take SOP/KB specified administrative action, provide ticket based event tracking, and to provide timely notification and routing of issues to support teams as required. The IFSD also coordinates with the ISP Senior Capabilities Officers (SCO) and GW GES Availability Managers (AM) for situational awareness and support actions, and with customers and support personnel to provide notification and response to event activity. In addition, IFSD personnel perform router and switch updates in support of security actions. 

Must meet contract level requirements for appropriate position.  Experience in ticket management system like Remedy is a plus.  Unix experience is not required, but is a plus. 

*BS or equivalent + 4 yrs related experience
*HDI Problem management certifications
*ITIL V3 certified
*Candidate must be a team player and have the ability to adapt in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
*Must be able to multi-task
*Must possess good communication and customer service skills.


Evening: 2-10pm includes Saturdays (Fort Meade, MD & Texas)
Mid: Tuesday - Saturday  10pm-6am; or 10-hour shifts: Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-6am;  or Friday - Monday 8pm-6am (Fort Meade, MD & Texas)

Immediate long term position.