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Digital Services - Web Services Engineer

• Participates in the design, maintenance, troubleshooting, enhancement, coding, and administration of relational databases

• Analyzes and determines information needs and elements, data relationships and attributes, data flow and storage requirements, and data output and reporting capabilities

• Participates in continuous improvement efforts in enhancing performance and providing increased functionality, including performing proactive maintenance such as ensuring continued space availability, monitoring activity, and documenting problems, changes, and solutions

• Tests and troubleshoots designed applications and their database connections

• Maintains current knowledge of relevant technologies and vendors best security practices as assigned

Must meet contract level requirements for appropriate position.  Qualifications:

2 years’ experience plus bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of experience and education

• Proficiency in system administration for Linux Operating Systems operating on RHEL servers, Apache Web Server, Windows Servers, and/or IIS. This includes promoting new software development packages through a Development, Staging and Production environment. builds administration of user accounts, information assurance, and network security

• Experience with creating and modifying scripts.  Write code for update queries, update data dictionaries as new fields are added to the database, and maintain a data correction log

• Ability to provide support for data within MySQL/MariaDB databases

• Must have basic familiarity with operating Linux operating systems from the Command Line (no GUI available)

• Experience or Training in Apache Web Server, IIS Web Server, WordPress, MediaWiki, and/or Programming Languages is highly desirable

• Experience or training in any of the following languages is also highly desirable:  HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Java, Angular, or node.js

• Minimum of 2 years of experience in BOTH of the following areas:  Active Directory and Linux/Unix

• Must possess strong troubleshooting and customer service/communication (written and oral) skills as this position requires direct contact with customer