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Accounting Business Analyst

Position Details

LOCATION: Washington, DC | SHIFT: 8-hour Day


The agency requires a business analyst to conduct a review and assessment of the current financial business processes and technologies currently used for agency financial accounting and reporting requirements in order to provide the agency with recommendations and plan to upgrade or establish a new financial accounting system to meet required internal accounting and reporting objectives.

  • Review and assess current Division of Finance’s internal and external financial accounting and reporting processes using PT and FBMS.

  • Assist Division of Finance with collecting and defining internal reporting structure requirements from agency stakeholders. (i.e., Commission, executive management).

  • Investigate to understand current FBMS and PT coding structures and limitations.

  • Review current process with monthly manual mapping on financial transaction transfers between FBMS and PT systems to develop and/or provide recommended solutions to automate these processes.


At a minimum, these requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Integrate background investigation billing system (BillQuick) into PT or new accounting system.

  • Input budget at the same detail level on Excel budget template and upload the budget details to new system or PT.

  • Require a report writing function (or obtain a different report writer software) to integrate budget and actual data.

  • Design the actual vs. budget report format in the new system.

  • Consolidate actual data from FBMS and budget data from new accounting software at the same detail level into the report writing system.

  • Generate financial reporting on a regular basis.

  • Provide recommendations on improving internal financial accounting and business processes to eliminate manual work processes.

  • Evaluate and identify accounting system(s) and solutions to streamline reporting processes both internally and externally to FBMS.


  • Minimum 5 years performing business process and systems analysis

  • Strong financial background in accounting procedures and reporting

  • Proficiency with major accounting software and technologies

  • Sage – PeachTree, Quickbooks

  • Ability to analyze and document business processes and requirements

  • Effectively communicates concepts and proposed solutions

Education: Bachelor's (Required)

Experience:Business analysis: 5 years (Required)

Sage: 5 years (Required)

Peachtree: 5 years (Required)

QuickBooks: 5 years (Required)

MS Office tools: 5 years (Required)

Accounting software: 5 years (Required)

Financial accounting: 5 years (Required)

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